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E-Commerce Module

Kitapsoft is an advanced e-commerce structure that allows you to market your book and non-book products...

  • It can automatically put your books on sale.

  • May offer non-book products for sale.

  • Can make sales by credit card or EFT.

  • The shipping cost may be reflected to the customer.

  • You can define free shipping above a certain price.

  • It can present the order movement to the customer instantly.

  • You can set a personal or general discount.

Website Module

You also have an advanced website with Kitapsoft. 

  • About us page

  • Our team page

  • Frequently Asked Questions page

  • Contact Page

  • gallery page

  • blog page

  • Slide headline page

  • Our books page

  • Our authors page

  • Book Reference page

  • We in the Press Page

  • Sales Points Page

  • Sitemap

  • Google Analytics Integration

  • Appearing at the top with Google SEO compliance

Book Management Module

With Kitapsoft, the entire journey of the book is under your control.

  • Evaluation

  • ISBN

  • Banderole

  • Editor assignment

  • Typesetter Appointment

  • Assignment of Cover Graphic Designer

  • send to print

  • Don't get in stock

  • Sales-distribution

  • royalty payment

Communication Module

Kitapsoft is a versatile communication system.
Automatic e-mail, SMS, live support application, integrated e-mail, call me, contact pages, call recording screens...

  • Emails

  • SMS

  • Appointments

  • Call recordings

  • File references

  • Conversion percentages

Accounting Module

With Kitapsoft, you can manage all your accounting from one place. Invoice transactions, payment transactions, current transactions, reconciliation, order transactions, accounting analysis...

  • It can list those who owe you money.

  • It can list what you owe.

  • Company reconciliation can be done with a single click.

  • Can issue and receive instant invoices.

  • He can receive and give payments.

Management Module

Kitapsoft allows you to determine administrator roles according to authority. Multiple manager definitions, detailed sales, payment, profit, loss, print reports...


  • It offers you the following on a Monthly and Yearly basis and you can see your average and compare it according to previous months and years.

  • Your total turnover,

  • Your total expenses,

  • Your total profit,

  • Your total book sales,

  • Credit card, cash and EFT distribution of your book sales,

  • Progress payments and payments of editors, layout designers and cover graphic designers,

  • How many files have been applied to the publishing house and how many of these files have been started,

  • How many new books were published,

  • The invoice amount you issued

  • Invoice amounts you receive

  • Tax fee you have to pay

Kitapsoft is designed to meet all the needs of your publishing house with six advanced modules.


E-commerce Module

Book Management Module

Accounting Module

Website Module

Communication Module

Management Module


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